Friday, April 29, 2011

Homes sweet homes

One of the best parts of travel is returning home. You always bring back new perspectives and memories. One of the last jobs I did before leaving DC was address 250 envelopes for the elder assistant's wedding invitations. My right hand hurts.

And then I got to watch that romantic English wedding. Personally I wondered if the Queen was tired too.

So Cheers to the Newlyweds, William and Catherine! May you have a long life of happiness together. Hooray for 2011 weddings.

As Colette emptied her suitcase she immediately put on her slippers Daphne had given her from Peru. She saw the gift bag from Call Small and the purse from Peru but could not find her knit Peruvian hat! She hoped she did not leave it in Pennsylvania.

Then she thought of the gifts she meant to give. She remembered giving an envelope of wood samples and beautiful modern swatchs to Shale, but she wondered if she packed them up and brought them home again?

She knows she forgot to give Call Small her present. Did she take Daphne's back to California too????

Well, she would have to check with them before the Northern California mini group meeting in a few weeks when she would DEFINATELY remember to bring them to share!



  1. Colette looks so relaxed in her reclining position with her wine and slippers. Daphne, is jealous, as she hasn't had a minute to sit down, with all the unpacking and examining of the new mini treasures.
    BTW, Colette's Peruvian hat went to Canada with Daphne. It will just have to travel across the content at a later date, maybe with some other mini goodies.

  2. Oh! Thank heavens. Did I take home the samples I gave you? And have you seen my lightweight black trenchcoat anywhere? xo C

  3. I do have the samples but I haven't seen the trench coat. I know it wasn't in the car because I took everything out of it except the seats. lol. I seem to remember handing the coat over to your drivers when they picked you up at Olga's. It is probably there. Oh, traveling can be so discombobulating, can't it?

  4. Let's just say my elder assistant has always liked it... or it's in a bar somewhere. Not to impune anyone's reputation... C

  5. I think it's funny we still can't stop chatting... C

  6. Welcome back home to both you and Colette! I have really enjoyed reading about the trip on yours and Shale's blogs!
    And I loved watching the wedding, best wishes for the next in line - your daughter's wedding.
    (I hope to see just as many pictures from that one!)

  7. Hi Pubdoll, I hope we can be as calm as the Middletons! Our only family tiara is from my little assistants 4th birthday party and it is a Disney Ariel Tiara... C

  8. O`well... Sounds so familiar and relaxing!
    It is so good to be home again!

  9. Hi Kikka, did you paint that modern art picture you had on you giveaway? I will have to hop over to your blog it to see. It was spectacular. C

  10. There's nothing better then samples for a miniaturist.