Monday, September 10, 2012

Fun on the "Wrong Coast:"

So here I am on the wrong coast, oops, I mean East Coast. Am I lonely, heck no and not just because I have a brand spanking new addition to my family tree thanks to my Assistant's littlest assistant (who as assistants go really can't do a darn thing but eat and poop and look adorable)  but guess what! I connected with new mini friends!

Just miles away is Neen!  Her blog is Universe in Miniature and you can see it here  We emailed and then she came over to visit my Tynietoy House, and well, me...

The funny thing is in my haste to make my Assistant's due date I forgot to pack Colette, my mini me. 

Fortunately Neen brought hers, Ethel Mertz of I love Lucy fame!
Here she is entering the Tynietoy House.

Ethel was served tea by Mrs Kestner and the Grandmother of the Tynietoy house and they marveled over her modern garb.

 In fact Ethel got along swimmingly with Mr. Tynietoy much to Grandmother's alarm.

But just then to round out the party a friend of Ethel's appeared to attend to Mrs. Kestner so she didn't mind a bit. 

And it just goes to show what fun you can have with new mini friends! I did. 
Neen said what I often hear from other mini folks, how nice it is to talk to someone who doesn't roll their eyes when you start talking
"dollhouse", whose eyes don't glaze over when you go into detail about it and who understands their Schoenhut from their Strombecker... She is my new BFF and I invited her to San Francisco sometime to meet the gang out there. 
Really I like this "right" coast. And I mean that, Virgina is purple...
in this election year. CM


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  2. These pictures are very fun!!
    Kiss Faby

  3. Hi Faby, KIss kiss, did your first attempt fail, hope some day you can come visit too! CM

  4. It's lucky they have that sturdy wooden chair for Ethel. She's a big girl. But then Mr. Tynietoy doesn't seem to mind. I wish I had been there to play too. Maybe next time.

  5. Yes, poor Ethel, wrong size again, but if I recall correctly, wasn't Fred Mertz shorter than Ethel? I had a great time visiting with CM, hope to visit many more times here and in SF, and hopefully Susan will be there too! By the way, up close, "in person," the TynieToy house is magnificent. Thanks Carol for showing Ethel and me a great time! Best, Neen

  6. Yes Susan we can all meet up, maybe at Christmas, I am supposed to come back... C

  7. Had a ball Neen! Thanks for all the treats!!! Can't wait to play with them in the MH1. C