Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Koloro Desk by Torafu

With baby napping more, I have been cruising blogs. I saw this
dollhouse inspired desk from by
Torafu Architects. I'm inspired. CM


  1. Sure wish we could figure out how to buy it.

  2. Sunny and bright, makes me want to be productive! C

  3. You know I'm not normally a yellow fan but this is really, really nice. If I bought this I would never do any work. I'd just spend my days rearranging furniture =0)

    Hope you're all enjoying the new addition to the family

  4. They come in a bunch of colors. It's a Japanese company, here are some more photos and maybe where to buy them:

    I hope you are having a great time with your new assistant to be.

  5. Hi Pepper. The new min is adorable and hilarious all at once!
    It is so much fun to watch your children as parents! Can't wait till the little guy can talk back.

    Good point about playing... CM

  6. Thanks Mini Dork for the info, love the pics of your kids on Facebook- adorable!