Friday, June 8, 2012

Shipping container homes

How cool is this!

Inside view. Is it PDR? No its real housing in Amsterdam.

Go here for more from the Huffington Post. Cheers CM

And here:

Santa Cruz, CA. Thank you, PocketPcman. This is so interesting how painting it redwood color makes it blend in so well to the natural scene. 

OMG I want this! From the same site!
It's just that I live on a hillside...


  1. I'm a huge fan of shipping containers converted for housing, there are millions of them taking up space in ports around the world, usually cheaper to make a new one than ship them back empty :( If we have to demolish our old NZ cottage we're seriously considering using a shipping container (or 2) to 'rebuild'.

  2. A container was our eldest sons first house away from home. He lived in one of those for 2 years until he was able to find something bigger. It was the perfect solution.

  3. Hi Norma, My cousins on an island used one as a all purpose garage
    for years, Very sturdy. xo CM

  4. Wow Peggy! Got pictures???? Sounds like great solution! CM

  5. When the Dutch came to Canada after the great flood in the early 50s many of them used their shipping containers as their first houses or barns. It is a great idea.

  6. Lets look for pictures, Canadian historian. C

  7. Theres some really cool containers homes on this blog I found

  8. Thank you PocketPcMan I added a picture. C