Saturday, April 21, 2012

Playing around

No matter where my friend Susan of Susan's Mini Houses goes miniatures find her. She is just one of those people.

At Urban Ore in Berkeley, California she found squeezed into the very back corner of a junky old display cabinet a complete box of Black Flagg dolls. I had been there a million times, nuthin'!

I tuned my back on her for one minute in Paris on a deserted side street near Sacre Coeur and she had been invited into the studio of an expat from Arizona who did elaborate Southwest scenes! Honestly! 


  1. Yes, I got to visit the LAZY JB RANCH built by Jeff Berner. Jeff is an expat living in Paris an has the Lazy JB on a table in the front room of his house on the Rue Lepic. He invited me in because I had my nose pressed against the window trying to take it all in. We had some fun reminiscing about Colorado mining towns.

  2. Colorado mining towns? Miniatures there too??? Is his website up

  3. What a fun story! Nice you have Susan as a friend, because you get to join in the fun! I enjoy following your blog very much. I'm celebrating 1 year of blogging with 8 giveaways. Giveaway #7 is some modern-style minis. You must join each of the 8 giveaways separately. Welcome! :-) Jennifer

  4. Hi Jennifer, going there right now!!! C