Tuesday, February 21, 2012


OH Yeah, I'm cool!
Thanks to pinchofpepper who sent me these customized grafitti.
(That's plural right?)  The colors are beautiful!

Say Megan, as I know you just sit around twiddling your thumbs, I want a banner for my blog. Maybe next SF mini meet up you can show me how? PS. LOVE your Giant Fashion house.
 Suddenly all the mini houses in Myrealitty are in danger of tagging!
I will fill in the white to gray to match the wall of the I House. Sometimes enthusiasm over rules execution here...

OMG pinchofpepper you have outdone yourself!
Thank you! CM
FYI find  Cara Black at: http://www.carablack.com/


  1. You are so badass. Tag everything.

  2. Wait till I get to your house.... Mwa ha ha...

  3. Step away from the paint cans Honey, the feds are on the prowl...=0)

  4. LOL! Really Officer... it's just a coincidence
    I'm named Leftcoast Minnie too... C

  5. Hey Carol,
    I stole your idea and started a Super PAC! M3 Super PAC (Modern Miniatures Movement).

    We have got to get Modern MC above 2% in the Readers Choice Awards:

  6. Next year! Lets plan for next year. We can be the James Carver of mini politics! C