Thursday, January 5, 2012

Grand Palais

Look what we found at the exhibit! A video where the artist placed himself in a dollhouse. Which doll house would you choose?

all pictures by Susan Hale

"Un Sorin des Jouets" I want to live in a Doll House" by Pierrick Sorin

BUT! It is what I call my "I HOUSE". Notice the staircases?
Done in 2011.

This was in the exhibit we went and saw, Des Jouets Et Des Hommes at the Grand Palais. OMG! The Kaleidoscope was there, the Lundby Stockholm was there and antique dollhouses to die for.

Barbie, pregnant and not and as a foosball table was present! Batman, Woody from Toy Story and so many more blogs worth of stories were there BUT pictures were not allowed, until the gift shop which was adorable, well designed with small Eames elephant stools and a playland of castles, tea sets and drawing stations... OH MY!

There were several other art video pieces, one allowed you to substitute your own face in a boy or girl doll. It was a big hit with the little ones. One allowed you to control the pace of the artist on a rocking horse. Very funny to the kids.

The exhibit catalog is in French. But the pictures are in universal view. So we will show you the best parts, more to follow. I would say it was as if they made this exhibit for Susan and me and you. xo CM


  1. J'adore that picture of you with the cool elephant chairs!!

  2. Eames. Might look good in a modern little person's room...

  3. How perfect! Such whimsy for the French...

  4. Susan is dragging me to the outer outskirts of Paris today to the marche des puces and it is supposed to POUR!!!! C

  5. This exhibit was tailor made for Carol and me. Thank you Paris for accommodating us!!