Wednesday, July 6, 2011

my current thrill

 I love this old plastic doll furniture. It is 1/12 scale or a little smaller. To me it looks like the seats in a Camero. My best friend in high school had a yellow Camero with a black top. And a big v8 track player in between the seats. I had an MGA convertable... It WAS southern California. Wish I had it now...

           Cool, no. And so reasonable on ebay. Pennies!
 Of course as with many old toys it has what they call in the antique trade..."light teeth marks". I mean these are children's toys. I bet it tasted really good. Probably a younger sibling...

And if you know me, you know I really want a pool for my I house. Look at this Barbie spa. I threw away the styrafoam version I made post haste!

                      Ok so it is blue with glitter...  Well still... C


  1. What would Barbie do in a spa without glitter?

  2. Its a wonderful find - I need this kind of thing for my 1:12 !

  3. You could tile or paint the exterior of the pool so just the blue sparkle was the water side? Maybe more trouble than its worth. I love the teethy antique effect. Fantabulous! ;)

  4. A very nice swiming pool.
    I like your blog very much

  5. I think I like blue glittery pools, great find!
    Love the tooth marked furniture too :-)

  6. Hi guys! The mini tile is a bit heavy... I am looking for that water reflection printable paper if anyone know where it is? C

  7. The pool is too cool!

    And about the water reflection paper, I not only don't know where it is, I don't know what it is. It is hard to learn about these new fangled things while living up here in the north with the wolves and polar bears.