Sunday, May 23, 2010

Phantom Chair or my Ghost Chair

It is difficult to photograph the chair so it shows.
Where is Reac when you need them?

Please, Please, Please, Reac make the Louis Ghost designer chair.
Or Phillip Starck make it in 1:12, (oh twice as big as the 1:6 collection... for half the price...? No?)

I saw an experiment like this. I thought it was Oese's, but she says not, please let me know if it was on your blog. If you are an artisan who can make one please call me quick! C

Wes Christensen MH1 house, Minimodernistas chair, rug and hanging lights, Bozart vases,

Tomy rubber plant, African mask Texas Tiny, Keith Haring and Rufino Tamayo art images, Rement shoes. I made the phantom chair from a corsage box and reading glasses.


  1. I'm following along. :) I am really getting such a great appreciation for modern minis.

    I'm a big fan of Oese's blog, mostly I just drool at this point. ;)

  2. I know. She is soooooooo creative. Have you tried moderns? I am going to go to your blog and look at your earlier posts. CM

  3. Yes, it is wild how she turns regular things, every day items into minis. And, then makes the most wonderful scenes, design wise, with attention to lighting and color. I'm always like, Wow! :)

    I have not tried moderns, yet. I try to stay in today's decorating (I have to limit myself or I'd be all over the place, well, that still happens. lol)

    I had no idea there were so many modern minis out there and that so many people would be interested in them. I've learned so much from others in this past year of blogging. :)

  4. I have too many houses, as my other blogspot covers them at Myrealitty, I can just focus on the moderns here, if I could have any chair reproduced mini it would be this one. C

  5. It might be doable to copy it. The big thing would be finding the fabric for it. Did you want an exact match, or as close as possible?

    I was thinking about the legs, but, they might be doable....

  6. I want the lucite one. I've never seen it mini size, This hopping from blog to blog is fun! C

  7. Hello you both, nice to "overhear" you talking about me. You're so kind and nice and wonderful!
    Carol, I don't think it is easy to copy this chair without a tutorial in fotos. I have no Idea what you used for it. I'm obviosly a bit obtused.....

  8. I forgot:
    here are some plexiglas-furniture (but yours is better) and Neomi has a plexiglas-sofa, very cool to.

  9. Carol, it was fun blog hopping around with you. Sorry, I can't help out with lucite, it's out of my genre. lol

    Oese, I love singing your praises. :)

  10. Dale have fun in Singapore! We can't wait to see what you find. Lucky you! CM

  11. Thanks for the tip Oese she is on the blogroll of my other blog, Myrealitty, so I will go and check it out. CM

  12. Hi there Carol
    You have guts and imagination as well as a lotttttttttt of creativity to interptert this transparent chair -Chapeau for the eyeglasses use!

  13. Can you post a very clear photo of just the Ghost chair so that I can see the construction or are you thinking a slightly different chair